Oh - Paul wants to be on the PTA! Woohoo! Go Paulie! Go Paulie!
Back to School night went smoothly tonight. Moira's teacher is pretty nice.. older woman who has been teaching for 18 years in the district. She said that Moira was a good student and does participate in class. She also said that Moira is doing very well in class! YAY! We got back home around 820pm. The kids were all pumped up, watching tv, not even in pj's. ::sigh:: But, I figured that might happen. Hey - Grandpa is a sucker : - ) We finally got them into bed by 915.. ugh. Tomorrow morning will be a bitch. Moira is SO SO cranky - she doesn't wake up too well. Gee, I have no idea where she could have picked that up! ::looking innocent::
Oh no - I missed another TWO! Happy belated birthday to Lynn! and Lisanne!
Mom's doctor sent her to the ER this morning because of her femur/knee. She also couldn't receive chemo (Rituxan) today because she had no white blood cells. None. At the ER, they did an Xray and found nothing visible. She is getting an MRI tomorrow. The doctor at the ER also pulled out fluids from her knee which, according to my Mom, "hurt like a sonofabitch! I had to do deep breathing techniques to keep from tearing off his face." End quote. The fluids were the same color of the chemo drugs from last week. Kool-Aid red. Ew. Anyways, she is back home and resting her leg. She has to go back to the oncologist's tomorrow for Nupigen shots. In fact, the long lasting Nupigen doesn't work for her so she will need to go daily. Joy. My father in law is coming down in a little while to watch the girls for us again. It's Back to School night at Moira's school and we both want to attend. I am so excited! I hope the teacher isn't a dork and she's cool like Mary! ::grin::
Went for a nice 1 mile powerwalk with Tracy (my neighbor) after the kids got on the bus. I feel pumped! : - ) Olivia will be practicing the potty today. ::thinking happy potty thoughts:: God help me!