It took over 2 hours for all of the victims' names to be read. Chilling.
I was watching some of the memorial services on CNN - I had to turn it off. We are going to watch Sesame Street. The girls and I are wearing red, white and blue today. I hung a new flag outside today and took down the old flag. It has been hanging in my front yard for 1 year. I am going to have it folded properly and I will store it away. {{{HUGS}}} to all of my friends and family. God Bless America.
Did a few errands tonight.. nothing too exciting.. Paul and I watched the ABC special about the WTC. It dealt specifically with the FDNY and some NYPD. The men were describing their own personal experience while attempting to rescue people. Brothers digging for brothers, a father searching for his son. It was heartbreaking. I bawled through most of it.. watching all these tough guys crying just sent me over the edge.. I know I must have known somebody who died there. My brother has gone to several memorial/funeral services. My StepMom works with people who have lost loved ones. My StepSister lives next door to a firefighter.. My heart breaks for everyone who lost a loved one.