20 days 'til Christmas...

(also titled as All I Want for Christmas is a Job)

Unemployed. Between assignments. Unworking. Jobless.

It really sucks.

I left my job on July 19th to care for my mother. She had cancer and I think we both knew that the end was approaching. I was missing so much work in order to take her to appointments, cleaning her place, food shopping, cooking.. it was just too much to handle. Paul and I discussed it and he was 100% behind my decision to leave my full time job (office manager for a small business in town) in order to take care of my mom.

She died August 22nd.

Not shocking but still devastating. I miss her every day. (this will be another post.. sometime..)

Fast forward to December - still no income coming in from me.

There are a few positives to not working - I am home when my teens are done with school. That's a big bonus. By the time Paul and I would get home, there would have been multiple arguments (yay for sisterly love!), chores never completed, homework not EVEN started most times.. just your average disaster. Every. Damn. Day.

(Take a few minutes to check out Bill Cosby's comedy routine - The Same Thing Happens Every Night. This is my life.)

I was home to take care of Paul when he completely blew out his back. He was out of work for 8+ weeks.. He could barely even walk never mind sit or stand. Driving was completely out of the question. Thankfully, he has slowly been able to feel better. He's not 100% but he's leaps and bounds better than he was in September.

We had several college visits planned for September, October, and November for the 17 yr old. Again, I was home and available to drive her to those visits. I didn't have to worry about missing work. Paul was unable to attend those visits and was home with the 13 yr old, who took excellent care of him.

I have been trying to really keep our expenses as low as possible. I will have to go back to work very soon. There is not enough cushion to keep me home. I don't necessarily NEED to stay home but, heck, it's pretty nice to be able to food shop early in the morning and to get laundry done while no one is home. Dinner - everyone is happy now that I am preparing dinner every night.. too bad tonight's meal will be leftovers. Ha.

I've started eBaying. Clothes, books, collectible dolls, whatever I can unload, I'm trying to get it out the door. Heck, it's a start. If it isn't nailed down, I'm gonna sell & ship it outta here!

Well, off to do my mommy duties and finish making the beds. I feel like my life has turned 360 degrees since I originally started this blog 11 years ago. I was a SAHM, home taking care of my girls, cooking, and cleaning.

It never ends.

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